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The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music are an international arts charity that works with partners including The Mayor of London and Music Mark to help promote the benefits of music participation. ABRSM and its partners asked Storyway Media to produce a series of documentaries for parents, aimed at raising awareness of the musical opportunities available in London for young people. 

After initial research Storyway Media conceived ideas and prepared treatments and storyboards which we presented to ABRSM directors and partners.  We secured locations and sourced contributors, and interviewed teachers, parents, young learners and community leaders in over ten different London schools and arts organisations. Additionally we filmed various workshops, events and ensemble activities before crafting a series of 3 branded films which were published on ABRSM, The London Mayor and Music Mark digital platforms. The films also became the core product of 'Learn Music London', helping inspire and assist parents of 33 boroughs to find a wealth of opportunities for their children to get involved, develop and make music.   

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